Counterfeit – Together We Are Stronger

Formed from the ashes of the now defunct The Darling Buds, Counterfeit are here to try their luck. Hailing from London they have released 3 eps thus far, which have whetted appetites. But this, their debut album appears to the main course. Anticipation for the album has been high, and it’s now time to see if it was justified.

Together We Are Stronger is a really punchy album full of big anthemic rock songs. Bursting out from the speakers, there’s a certain pop to the record. It really comes alive and holds the attention from beginning to end. Like all good rock album’s it has big thick guitars and instantly memorable hooks.

What I appreciated most about the songs is the honesty and the lived-in quality to them. As the album moves along at a frenetic pace, there are still things for you to connect to. The moment frontman  Jamie Campbell Bower first opens his mouth, you can hear the confidence in it. There’s a bit of grit and a swagger to it that lets you know he means every word. Each song tells a story, and each one means something. Whether its ‘Washed out’ or the sleaze filled ‘The Thrill of It’ there’s something there that feel real.

British Rock music has gone through a colossal shift in quality in the last few years. So many standout bands are hedging their way to the forefront.  It’s encouraging then to think that Counterfeit can stand right alongside the best of them. On the strength of this album alone, they could very well conquer the world.

Together We Are Stronger is a very strong debut. There’s a chip on its shoulder it isn’t afraid to show off. Counterfeit have crafted an album that delivers on the promise of their previous Brash, cocky and ridiculously confident. Something about it just keeps you coming back to it With Summer on the horizon, this album will no doubt soundtrack many a sunny day.

Don’t let their name fool you because Counterfeit is the real deal.


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