Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms

Creeper is a very special band and 2017 is about to belong to them.  Their debut album Eternity, In Your Arms, is one of 2017’s most anticipated albums. It is with good reason, though as it was definitely well worth the wait. After 3 leading up this, it seems like this is Creeper in their final form. 

Opening track ‘Black Rain’ brings the listener straight into this world with a narrative lead in. It’s a rousing opener that feels big in scope right out of the gate and sets the bar extremely high from the get go. ‘Poison Pens’ picks up the baton and packs a hell of a punch, a frenzied, 3-minute stormer that sounds like ‘Black Sails in the Sunset’ era AFI.  It is an instant classic that is sure to set the live show a light.

‘Suzanne’, ‘Hiding with Boys’ and ‘Misery’ will be familiar to those who have been following the band leading up to the album’s release. The latter two are singles and ‘Misery’ is on 2016’s ‘The Stranger’ e.p. They all showcase what Creeper does best. Each one showcases individual sides of the band. ‘Suzanne’ Occupies the same space as ‘Black Rain’ with a chorus to die for that will make its way in your head and never leave. ‘Hiding with Boys’ comes in like an Alkaline Trio song spun through a Gaslight Anthem filter. It’s as sublime as that suggests. ‘Misery’ lives up to its somewhat appropriate name as a bittersweet anti-ballad drenched in melancholia.

‘Room 309’ is another absolute barn burner that will sound great reverberating around venue walls on tour. The song title also holds a special significance for those who know about the story of James Scythe. ‘Crickets’ brings Keyboard player Hannah Greenwood to the forefront on a beautiful track on which she is the main vocal. It’s haunting and sounds like the best song that The Cranberries never wrote. It is a genuine goosebump-inducing moment on an album that is full of them. It also provides the listener with a chance to catch their breath.

In every generation, there is a chosen one. Or so the saying goes. Creeper is the rightful heirs in a long list of bands that have defined generations. Sitting rightfully so next to The Misfits, AFI and My Chemical Romance on the Mount Rushmore of Life changing bands. 

Overall Creeper has created an album that is not only exciting but also something that pays homage to what has come before while being uniquely them. Roadrunner Records has always had a knack for signing the most relevant and vital bands in the scene. Here they have struck absolute gold, with not only a band that “Gets it” but one that is able to deliver on all fronts.

Not only is this one of the best albums you are likely to hear all year. But it may go down as one of the greatest debut albums in history.  This is the time to join the cult of Creeper. 






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