Danny Worsnop – The Long Road Home

Danny Worsnop is a character. By my own admission, he is not someone I have been a huge fan of. Not him personally but neither of his bands (Asking Alexandria & We Are Harlot) has never really grabbed my attention. When I heard he was making a country album I suddenly found myself very interested.

The Long Road Home is a very apt title. At its core, it does represent the end of a very long journey. Albeit one with some twists and turns along the way. Right off the bat, I can tell you this ain’t your grandparents country music.
This has more in common with the Florida Georgia Line and Zac Brown Band style of new or nu-country? depending on your feelings than say Johnny Cash or Hank Williams. One thing that is prevalent throughout the album is a sense of authenticity.

This album not only sounds authentically country but also authentic in the sense that you are seeing the real Danny Worsnop. There are sunny songs on here, ‘Mexico’ is a prime example of this. There are some more personal songs throughout the album, that shows a side of Danny that you haven’t seen before.  It feels like country seems to have been a perfect fit for these songs. 

There are some more upbeat, dare I say it rockier songs on display here in the form of ‘The Man’ and the brilliantly titled ‘Don’t Overdrink It’. Perhaps the one song that stuck with me through the whole album was ‘Anyone but Me’. It not only nails the country tone but also is both heartbreaking and poignant. This is the song that feels like a man laid bare and full of such self-loathing he would rather be alone than hurt the one person he truly loves. It’s a stunning track that will induce chills in even the coldest of hearts.

The Long Road Home is an album that had my interest but demanded my attention. This is a completely unexpected but wonderful and at times heartwrenching rebirth from a man who has clearly been to hell and back. Forget what you think you know about Danny Worsnop and give him a chance to let you meet the real him.


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