David Bowie – No Plan E.P

One year after the death of David Bowie and people everywhere are still scrambling to find new things to say about one of the most important figures in musical history. It seems fitting then that on what would have been his 70th birthday we are gifted with the last 4 songs he ever recorded. 

The No Plan e.p consists of four songs written during the Blackstar sessions and previously released as cast recordings for the Lazarus stage show. As you would expect they are imbued with the same haunting dark haunting melancholia as the Blackstar release, with the notable exception being “Lazarus” which seems to be a bit more upbeat than on the album version, it seems to be injected with a bit more of an optimistic undercurrent than on previous versions.

“Killing a Little time” is perhaps the biggest surprise here and seems like it could have written by a band like Tool or Karnivool if you really bed down into the rhythmics of it and listen to the instrumentation in there, it’s a wonderful surprise buried in here and shows just how savvy a musician he was. 

It’s really hard to talk about a release like this, something we never expected to here that caught us all off guard. But if anything it shows that even in his final days Bowie was still an undeniable talent that can still write better songs than most, and it seems that this, for now, is his final gift to us.




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