The Dollyrots – Whiplash Splash

The Dollyrots have toured quite extensively through the UK with tour mates Bowling for Soup but remain largely unknown.  Whiplash Splash is about to change that.

The wonderful thing about The Dollyrots is that they are an outrageous ray of sunshine in an otherwise serious world. Excelling at dishing out 3-minute bursts of happiness. Leaving you with a mile wide smile on your face in the process. They will remind you of the great days of the 90s and bands like No Doubt (At their cheekiest), Letters to Cleo with hints of The Donna’s and even The Halo Friendlies.

Whiplash Splash is the perfect summer album. It’s full of songs that will force their way into your head and refuse to leave. There is never a dip in quality or a  moment where the pace slows down. Imagine if you gave red bull to toddlers then let them loose in a room full of instruments. That is a compliment by the way.

‘I Do’, ‘Just Because I’m Blonde’ and ‘Babbling Idiot’ are prime examples of sun-drenched pop perfection that deserve space on anyone’s iPod. Even the sublime 80’s shimmer of ‘Jump Start this Heart’ brings a slinky sexy dimension to things but, it fits amongst the fizzy pop jams.

The Dollyrots are not a name everyone is familiar with yet. I can see this album as the turning point that puts them on people’s radars. Whiplash Splash is a wonderful album full of songs that make you want to dance like nobody is watching.



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