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Dreamcar is a band with a rich history. Featuring the musical body of No Doubt and the voice of AFI you could be forgiven for expecting something totally different. This eponymous album is a solid gold pop classic that is sure to leave a smile on many a face.

This an extremely confident debut album, that is full of swagger and swing. ‘After I Confessed’ kicks off the album with a killer riff that pops to life. The fluidity of the bass pulses along laying the groundwork through the verses. It really comes alive in the chorus where Davey Havok allows his vocals to soar to outrageous levels. It speaks to his talents as a vocalist that he is able to such unique things with his voice. This is the fourth band he has been a part of outside of AFI (the others being Son of Sam, Xtrmst and Blaqk Audio) and he manages to do something completely different in each.

This is far from a one-man band or album though. Every single person contributes something unique and mesmerising to this album. Where it’s the sharp riffs of Tom Dumont, the throbbing bass of Tony Kanal or the off the wall drums of Adrian Young. Every part works because the chemistry is undeniable. The great thing is there are clear influences on the album but they never overshadow the band’s sound. This remains a distinct album with its own voice and flavour.

The hardest part about reviewing this album is finding a favourite part. There are so many stand out moments. The irresistible ear candy of ‘All of the Dead Girls’ which is a prime example of just how fun this band can be. ‘Kill for Candy’ and ‘On the Charts’ are songs that would make Duran Duran jealous. and so sugary sweet you could get diabetes just listening to them. There are more sardonic songs on the album in the form pf ‘Don’t let me love’ and ‘Do Nothing’. They retain the pop elements but add some more playfully dark lyrics into the mix. 

Dreamcar have put together an album that many wouldn’t expect. In the context of the music and the players behind it, it makes perfect sense. This album is pure joy made by people who love making music together and it shows. It is in every fibre of this album. This is the soundtrack to your summer. This album will embrace you and it won’t let you go. You will not find a more perfectly written pure pop record this year. I can promise you that.

Rating 9/10

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