Halflives – Empty Rooms

can Halflives has come a long way in a very short time. From youtube covers to a crowdfunded debut album. This is a band with a vision and a work ethic working in tandem to reach for the stars. It’s both impressive and admirable how far they have come, and Empty Rooms their debut is a testament to that.

Empty Rooms is a sublime record. An album that comes to life like a ray of sunshine. Halflives has a no-frills approach meaning they aren’t stuffed to the gills with gimmicks.  What you have here is a fat-free record of pure pop perfection. Vocalist Linda Battilani is without a doubt the crowning jewel here and the album’s MVP. Her voice elevates the album and takes it to new places on each listen. It says something about how good Halflives are that this their debut album. For most bands out there this would probably make up one-half of a greatest hits.the melodies and hooks are predominantly pop orientated, there’s  still enough edge to keep the rockers interested. 

The melodies and hooks here are predominantly pop orientated, there’s  still enough edge to keep the rockers interested.  In a world where bands like Against the Current and PVRIS can walk between worlds then you can bet Halflives won’t be far behind. 

Having only 8 tracks works wonders as well. Everything zips along at a fair old pace, and the quality never dips. Each song has it’s own identity and is given a chance to breathe. Every single track on this album is a hit waiting to happen. There’s no way you can pick a favourite song as they are all so well crafted. I can promise you that you won’t get them out of your head for a week after listening to them. 

Halflives is an exciting prospect. Looking at Empty Rooms as a signal of intent. It’s exciting to imagine where they go from here and how they can develop over time. Very few bands get it right the first time, but Halflives has come out the gates with a stormer. I suspect that many of you are going to become very familiar with this band over the next 12 months.


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