Motionless In White – Graveyard Shift

Motionless In White are a fearless band, Their creativity knows no bounds. Over the course of their career, they’ve approached songwriting by throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. Varying degrees of success have come from this approach but their willingness to try new things should be applauded.

It’s apt then that their latest album ‘Graveyard Shift‘ feels not only like an amalgamation but a culmination of everything that has come before. Springboarding of off 2015’s ‘Reincarnate’. ‘Graveyard Shift’ see’s them push everything to it’s furthest point. This is the most hook-laden album they have released which works in its favour. This album sounds huge, and I mean that in the best way possible. Whether it’s the crunching groove of ‘Queen for Queen’ of the seductive 80’s goth pop of ‘Necessary Evil’ featuring Jonathan Davis there are no two songs on here that sound alike. 

One of the album’s highlights is ‘Not my Type: Dead as Fuck 2’ which is likely to be the most upbeat song you will ever hear about Necrophilia.It sounds unsurprisingly like Rob Zombie writing songs for the Corpse Bride. It’s ludicrous but impossibly infectious and is likely to become the new anthem at your local rock night. ‘Untouchable’ is another rowdy call to arms that offers up a nice companion piece to ‘Unstoppable’ on ‘Reincarnate’ offering a nice little call back in the process.

‘Voices’ is the most stripped down song on the album. Mostly clean vocals over an almost radio friendly guitar riff. It’s a nice break in the latter half of the album that slows the pace down. It gives you a moment to just nod your head and take a breath after the craziness that proceeds it. ‘Loud (Fuck It)’ the album’s most recent single took me forever to get into. It’s a little jarring because it sounds so far removed from what they have done before that it never really clicked. I can say that the song works much better in the context of the album. ‘The Ladder’ appropriately opens with a quote from The Neon Demon as it’s a song that shares many of films themes. 

‘Graveyard Shift’ is the sound of a band becoming the thing they always threatened they could be. They have built upon the moments that worked so well before and learnt from the things that didn’t. This is a self-assured album from a band that is just starting to come into their own. This will be the album that unites their fanbase that may have been divided over ‘Reincarnate’. Motionless In White has always been a great band with ambition to spare. This is the album that pays off that ambition with a collection of wall to wall hits. There are more potential hit singles on this one album than most bands manage in their entire lifetime.

Motionless In White are about to take over the world. Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid….



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