Mutiny Within – Origins

Mutiny Within have had a bit of a stop-start career, and I think that may be putting it mildly. After releasing their debut album in 2010 through Roadrunner, there were many who were attempting to hail them as the next big thing, but sadly that never really happened for them, they pretty much imploded soon after, managed to glue the pieces together enough to release a second album in 2012 called Synchronicity, but after that failed to catch on they have been pretty MIA since.

A lot has changed in the landscape of music since Mutiny Within, have come, gone and come back again, and I’m sure they are well aware of that, so with that in mind you would think that they would have at least tried to change their style up a bit or take a few risks to try and push themselves forward. But no, this is still the same meat & potatoes generic style radio metal that brought them to the dance in the first place, if this album were a slasher movie you would have figured out who the killer was before the first riff even finished, it’s that predictable.

There are a couple of flourishes that are a little outside their wheelhouse including creepy operatic vocals and what can only be described as keyboards that sound like really sped up video game soundbites, which do little to inspire and it feels a little like we have heard it all before. Listening to this album made me wonder if it was really worth Mutiny Within coming back after such a long hiatus if this is the best they have to offer. Even with guest spots from Andy James, (From Chris Clancy’s other project Wearing Scars). Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) and Justin Hill (Former Sikth) don’t really do anything to up the value of this, other than to tout the fact that they were able to pull in some guests for a few spots. 

It’s a real shame that in 2017 we still have crops of bands that seem to be content in dishing out the bear minimum and thinking that they can get away with it when they are far more interesting prospects out there. Not only is this a deeply uninspired and poorly put together an album, but even more shockingly it is just unapologetically bland and unmemorable, I listened to it a good few times and every single time I couldn’t recall anything that stood out to me or that I wanted to go back to. I have to wonder now if this will see Mutiny Within head back into another self-imposed exile



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