Once Human – Evolution

Logan Mader is somewhat of an understated presence in the music industry. Both as a talented Guitar Player and producer, he has contributed a lot to modern metal and it is nice to see him finally back in a band full time. Once Human are bone-crushingly heavy, that is the first thing you need to know. Their Sophmore album Evolution is aptly titled as it feels like that. 

Firstly the vocals from Lauren Hart are completely on point and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that they are reminiscent of the earlier works of Angela Gossow at her most vicious, and even some instances Joe Duplantier. This is no more evident than on the track ‘Dark Matter’ where she sounds like a bastard hybrid of the two. The sparse use of clean vocals helps them to stand out amongst the brutality and provides haunting highlights throughout

Musically the album balances the light and dark well. There are the nasty heavy moments, that are punctuated with more melodic flourishes which add extra atmosphere. Once Human is the kind of band that doesn’t mess about and ‘Evolution’ proves to be a statement of intent. You can see all of the individual ideas at play here. It’s instantly like revisiting an old friend every time you put this album on. Based on the strength of ‘Evolution’ and how far they have come as a band over the course of two albums. It is exciting to imagine how far they can go on album number 3 and beyond.



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