Six Feet Under – Torment

Chris Barnes has always been at the forefront of Death Metal. Nearly 30 years later he is still there, looking over the slaughterhouse like some kind of mad genius. Six Feet Under are a band that has blazed their own path and seems to be a band that bridges the worlds of Death Metal and Deathcore. 

As one of the innovators of the genre, he helped pioneer the genre’s signature sound as the voice of Cannibal Corpse on their first four albums. With new album Torment, things are as sick as you would expect with added groove helping balance out the savagery. ‘Slaughtered as they Slept’ and ‘Knife through the Skull’ both have thrash elements and in the case of the latter there is a central riff that is reminiscent of Pantera and Lamb of God and you can see in the fusing of these sounds with the more traditional Death Metal sound where the seeds of deathcore came from down the line.

That is the great thing about Six Feet Under. They aren’t afraid to throw in elements from all over the metal world. There is vile, grotesque imagery but there are riffs that you can hum along and bang your head to.

There’s a reason why Six Feet Under have endured this long and are still pumping out albums of this quality. This is because they understand the genre and what their audience wants. Torment is a brutal face melter of an album that will hit you like a shovel to the head. 


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