You Me At Six – Night People

I often find with You Me At Six there is no middle ground, you either like them or you don’t. It’s very rare that I’ll talk to someone who says that they are kind of ok, or they like one or two songs. Plain and simply, it is all or nothing… I happen to like them quite a bit, (their first album aside) I think they have a pretty solid back catalogue, that only seems to be getting better with each release. The problem with that is that they set such a high bar for themselves with the release of Cavalier Youth; an album that many, myself included, wondered if they could possibly match… or even better it.

Night People, the band’s fifth full-length album, is definitely a good effort, that once more pushes them forward, and even further away from the pop punk & emo sounds of their earlier material, into a more straightforward rock sound; but that doesn’t mean that they have lost their knack for writing a catchy tune. You can hear that a lot of time went into the writing of this record, because You Me At Six felt like they had to deliver their best…  it shows.

While it has become somewhat fashionable among some elitist types, to overlook some more mainstream UK bands over the years, you cannot deny that these guys have greatly helped the UK rock scene. They have grabbed top line festival slots, played the O2 and managed to bag a load of quality radio exposure. Just because a band is mainstream, doesn’t mean they don’t matter or they have sold out. 

There are some great songs here. The title song alone launches out the speakers like a statement of intent, a showcase of some serious confidence early on, and this confidences only grows across the album. Tracks like ‘Swear’, ‘Make your Move’, ‘Plus One’ carry this confident swagger, and even the slower moments like ‘Take on the World’ show that You Me At Six still have a good slow jam in them.

I know that there is a large portion of people that You Me At Six aren’t for, but with that said, this a great summer album, jam packed with solid tunes that shows a band that is still very young, but has come on leaps and bounds over the last 10 years. Honestly, on the strength of this alone, they show signs of only getting better in the future, and I for one look forward to seeing where they go next.





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