Steel Panther – Lower the Bar

Lower the Bar is Steel Panther’s fourth studio album. Chances are, you are either already a fan or you never will be. 

The worry with each new Steel Panther album is whether this will be the one where the joke finally runs out? Well, I can honestly say the answer, at least here is still no. The humour isn’t as potent as it once was, but the tunes are still there. 

It seems like with every new album there’s an emphasis on upping the ante. Subtlety isn’t a word in Steel Panther’s collective vocabulary, but it’s hard to argue with songs this fun. ‘Goin’ in the Backdoor’ is a cheeky ode to the joys of anal sex. It’s an inspired way to kick off the album. I’d argue it’s their best album opener since ‘Death to all but Metal’ from their debut ‘Feel the Steel’. ‘Anything Goes’ comes close to hitting the knuckle and will make you laugh way more than it should. I will admit to hitting the repeat button several times to make sure I was hearing the lyrics correctly. The First single ‘Poontang Boomerang’ is a more juvenile ‘Cherry Pie’ by Warrant. but is still impossibly catchy.

‘That’s when you Came in’ Is the token ballad. Again it shows off the band’s penchant for writing songs that are legitimate earworms. They get away with having an album closer called ‘She’s Tight’ or a song like ‘Pussy Ain’t Free’ because they are brilliant musicians. Satchel is one of the more underrated guitar players working today. Stix and Lexxi provide a solid backbone and have stepped their game up with each new release. The band M.V.P is still vocalist Michael.  A man who even on his worst day can out sing most other singers around.

Steel Panther have become masters of their craft. They may not reinvent the wheel with each album, but they find new ways to keep the hit coming. Like I said earlier in this review, if you aren’t onboard with them now then you likely never will be. It’s hard to deny that some of the jokes may be variations on a theme the songs remain catchier than the STD’s they are singing about.

It’s ironic this album is called Lower the Bar as it seems Steel Panther continue to raise it for everyone else around them.



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