So This Is Suffering – Palace of the Pessimist

So This Is Suffering may as well be a musical hurricane. They have come in at a time when Deathcore is at a crossroads. It seems they are here to shake everything up. We have a lot of the bigger bands in the genre branching out into other things. It’s refreshing to see a band stick to its roots and release an album that hits this hard.

Palace of the Pessimist is So This Is Suffering’s Sophomore album, but it’s such a confident statement you would think they were well into their careers. This is the closest to Death Metal that Deathcore has sounded in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, there are still bands out there that are killing it with brutal music (Thy Art Is Murder being a shining example of that). On the flipside, it’s fascinating to see where bands like Whitechapel and Suicide Silence are taking the genre. So This Is Suffering has taken all the best elements of the genre, boiled them down and thrown it back up in their own style.

It seems like right now So This Is Suffering have found a corner in the market and have pounced. This is an album no one saw coming. If there is any justice, this album will raise the profile of So This Is Suffering. It’s hard stretching your wings and bringing something new to the table in a genre that is this bloated. But that is the great thing about Palace of the Pessimist, it doesn’t concern itself with everyone else. All it wants is to wreck everything in its path.

There are so many textures on display here, creating a wall of sonic brutality. Take tracks like ‘Dreameater’ and album closer ‘Sum of all Fears’ you will be confronted with a nightmarish kick to the head. This is pure venom filled, unfiltered deathcore in all its glory. If you are looking for a fresh voice in an ever-changing genre then allow me to introduce you to your new favourite band.



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