Sumo Cyco – Opus Mar

Does anyone remember the film Weird Science? Where the two nerd kids create their perfect sex object of a woman? Fear not, I have a point. Sumo Cyco feels like a record label attempt to do a similar thing with a band here. T0 take an attractive girl, give her a rock pinup makeover, hire a backing band, send them out into the world and let the guys line up. At least that is how it comes across.

This is Sumo Cyco’s second album entitled Opus Mar and it proves the age old adage that sequels sometimes aren’t always better. Sometimes they are just downright terrible. This isn’t saying much when you consider that their debut album wasn’t exceptional, to begin with.  This is about as cynical and horribly contrived as music gets. This album provides the listener with a grating, borderline unlistenable experience.

There is a bright spot in the form of the lead single ‘Move Mountains’ featuring Benji Webbe from Skindred.  That is by and large because it sounds like a Skindred song. The problem comes when vocalist Skye Sweetnam opens her mouth. She comes in like Gwen Stefani with a blocked nose singing in a frequency that would make dogs cry. 

As derivative as the music is, Skye is by far the band’s weak link. Her vocals fall completely flat against the music. The lyrics leave a lot to be desired. There are definitely some that seem like a holdover from her time as a pop starlet. They reek of immaturity and faux rebellion so much so, that even Avril Lavigne would be embarrassed for her

Sumo Cyco is one of the most uninspired bands currently filling the airwaves. They represent everything wrong with modern music.There is absolutely nothing of merit here for you to latch onto. I would avoid this album at all costs. It will do nothing for you other than rotting your brain. There is no amount of promotion that will hide how hollow and shameless this band is.


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3 thoughts on “Sumo Cyco – Opus Mar

  • Anonymous

    I find that poor Un factual review of sumo cyco kinda pissed me off. Well to the point that if I was to come across anyone of your team at a gig get ready for some extreme violence. It’s fine to have your opinion as long as it’s based on fact. Sumo cyco are and have always been a diy band not with any label. Also if they’re as bad as you make out why did alien ant farm, the butcher babies and fozzy seek them out as a support act? It just pisses me off when a retard thinks he can write a review based on bullshit. Al the best for the future and pray they we don’t cross paths.

  • Lexi

    The comment above mine was a little aggressive. I do agree that this review was completely uneducated which gave way for a unjust review. You should at least research a band before you write and publish a review on their latest album. You don’t have to like their music but hating solely on the singer and giving a 1/10 rating is completely unfair. This sounds like something I would have written on Facebook back when I was a hardcore rock fan in middle school and would rant to my friends about how they didn’t know what real music was since “all the pop stuff on the radio is shit.”
    The only thing more angsty than their album seems to be your attitude.
    From one published columnist to another, I hope you’re not this sour all the time, that would be a shame.
    Have a good day.

  • The Noisemaster

    Well, “Mr Anonymous” (we will hide your details, we are not that callous), we had to publish your mail to us; we had to applaud your passion and commitment. However, just want to ask a couple of things…

    Did you read the review? Just wondering because of your claims it’s un-factual, and making the point Sumo Cyco are not with a label… The review states the words “feels like”, which is a little bit different to a statement of fact. Our “retard”, who wrote the review did not say they were with a label, and did not say they were not DIY. It seems our “retard” knows the difference between fact and implied thoughts. You may like to ask a friend to explain it to you?

    I’d like to thank you for the warning about extreme violence if we ever meet at a gig. Personally, we’d rather have a pint and a quality discussion/argument about differing musical opinions, but if this is beyond you, then I’m sorry, so much for the combined metal family and community spirit that pulled together for Metal Hammer et al. We were beginning to wonder if it would be you or your carer that would be throwing the first punch?

    We give in… our opinion on the album has changed, purely because Butcher Babies, Alient Ant Farm and Fozzy have had them as support. Love Fozzy and AAF (you can keep Butcher Babies), so because you put a “fact” about who they toured with, we realised we listened to the album wrong and our opinion was incorrect.

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