The Raven Age – Darkness Will Rise

The Raven Age are in a unique position. As a band, they are able to sound both new and old at the same time. They have the sensibilities of a new school band, but with the heart of the bands of yesteryear.

It’s refreshing to see a band like The Raven Age unleashing an album like Darkness Will Rise. There is a confidence here that is palpable, you can just feel it in the air.  Now let me say this, The Raven Age will not change the world, they aren’t revolutionising the metal world. With that said they are more than living up to their end of the bargain within the scene.

Darkness Will Rise is an album written with love for the genre. Where the genre is today and where it has been in the past. Featuring the crunch and stomp of today’s modern metal combined with the twin guitars and storytelling of the NWOBHM.  ‘Salem’s Fate’ in particular nails this formula well and is the blueprint here for what they do very well.

Other standout tracks include ‘Trapped Within the Shadows’, ‘Eye Among the Blind’ and ‘The Merciful One’ which showcase the band nicely. They all have an epic, almost widescreen quality to them. Its’s good to see a young band in today’s scene with some ambition trying to bring that back albeit with a somewhat modern twist. Hints of  Iron Maiden, Saxon, and even  Judas Priest are peppered throughout the album.

Darkness Will Rise is an album full of ideas, some that work better than others. But it shows a level of confidence for a band that has been around for about 3 years. This is an assured debut that shows glimmers of hope for what may come in the future. The Raven Age isn’t for everyone, this is an album and a band though that will unite fans both old and new. Keep an eye on these boys because their stock is going to skyrocket over the next 12 months.



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